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2009 Road Improvement Bond
On March 10, 2009, voters approved $25 million of general obligation bonds to be issued for road design, construction, repair and improvements. 

Initially, the city was planning on using bond funding for Unser Boulevard widening, Paseo del Volcan extension, Northern Boulevard widening, 30th Street paving design, Western Hills Drive reconstruction, Nicklaus Drive reconstruction and pavement preservation on roads throughout the city. 

However, due to a bond premium ($500,000), federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding received for the Paseo del Volcan extension, and project bids coming in lower than original cost estimates, the city has been able to use bond funding for more road-related projects than originally anticipated. 

As additional work/projects are performed with road bond funds, content on this Web page will be updated.

Bond funding has or will be used for the following:

New Roads
Paseo del Volcan extension (Iris Road to U.S. 550) (partial funding; majority federal funding)

Colorado Mountain Road (Idalia Road to Gazelle Road paved with sidewalks)

Loma Colorado Boulevard/Paseo del Volcan (construction of Loma Colorado Boulevard from Paseo del Volcan to Laban Road, and construction of Laban Road from Loma Colorado Boulevard to the existing paved portion of Laban Road north of Cleveland High School)

Wellspring Avenue (construction of Wellspring Avenue from Unser Boulevard to Westside Boulevard, which includes left- and right-turn improvements at Wellspring Avenue and Westside Boulevard)

Road Reconstruction
Western Hills Drive (aging waterline infrastructure replaced as well with utility funds)

Nicklaus Drive (aging waterline infrastructure replaced as well with utility funds)

Broadmoor Boulevard (Country Club Drive to Loma Colorado Boulevard)

Cherry Road (10th Street to Unser Boulevard frontage road and roundabout construction at intersection of Cherry Road/17th Avenue)

Apache Loop project (Apache Loop, Iroquios Court, Apache Court, Chippewa Drive, Chippewa Court, Pontiac Drive, and Cherokee Drive; waterlines replaced at same time using utility funds)

21st Avenue (Golf Course Road to Grande Boulevard)

Northern Boulevard (widening Northern Boulevard to a four-lane divided roadway from west of Broadmoor Boulevard to 35th court)

Unser Boulevard (part of widening of Unser Boulevard to a four-lane roadway from Paseo del Volcan to King Boulevard)

Idalia Road (from Iris Road to N.M. 528) reconstruction (2015) - portion of road bond funds being used as city match to access state funding that will fund a substantial portion of the project work

Other Road-Related Projects
Tulip Road traffic calming (chicane installed east of Rainbow Boulevard)

Obregon Road (turn lane improvements related to Enchanted Hills Elementary School)

Tarpon Avenue (sidewalk improvements from Wexford Road to Southern Boulevard)

Construction of right-turn lane on westbound Paseo del Volcan at 30th Street/Broadmoor Boulevard

Widening Iris Road between Idalia Road and Paseo del Volcan with a paved roadside drainage ditch, which provides a continuous left-turn lane

Street lighting on Arena Drive and Champion Avenue

Temporary traffic signal at intersection of Unser Boulevard and King Boulevard

Lisbon Avenue sidewalk design

Meadowlark Lane and Prairie Sage Way Trail improvement project (widening the existing roadway to allow for bicycle use, replacement of an asphalt roadway buffer area, and new curb and gutter; and work taking place on this trail pertains to drainage control and will include grading, erosion control, fencing modifications, and storm water runoff containment between the trail and the perimeter of the adjacent residential community)

Idalia Road improvements (reconstruction of a 400-foot section of roadway near intersection of Iris and Idalia roads; reconstruction of a 470-foot section of roadway at the intersection of Idalia and Chayote road)

Widening of Unser Boulevard to a four-lane roadway from Paseo del Volcan to King Boulevard with storm drain improvements and permanent traffic signals at intersections of Paseo del Volcan/Unser Boulevard and King Boulevard/Unser Boulevard)

Paseo del Volcan landscaping

Southern Boulevard (N.M. 528 to Rainbow Boulevard) preliminary design - portion of road bond funds being used as city match to access state funding that will fund a substantial portion of the project work

Westside Boulevard construction of a bridge and the approaches for the eastbound lanes, and completion of the top map of asphalt for the entire road length between Unser Blvd. and Golf Course Rd.

Road striping throughout the city:
Southern Blvd & 3900 Southern
Southern Blvd & Pinetree Rd
Southern Blvd & Country Club Dr
Southern Blvd & Trevino Dr
Southern Blvd & Nicklaus Dr
Southern Blvd & Western Hills Dr
Unser Blvd & Southern Blvd
Southern Blvd & 5th St
Sara Rd & Grande Blvd
N.M. 528 & Idalia Rd 
Northern Blvd & 10th St
Unser Blvd & Northern Blvd
Unser Blvd & Cabezon Blvd
Cabezon Blvd & Yucatan Dr
Cabezon Blvd & Western Hills Dr
Cabezon Blvd & Ricasoli Dr
Cabezon Blvd & Trail Side Rd
Unser Blvd & Paseo del Volcan
High Resort Blvd & Ridgeway Dr
N.M. 528 & High Resort Blvd
Unser Blvd & Farol Rd 
Unser Blvd & Spring Rd
Unser Blvd & Abrazo Rd
Jager Dr & Dimas Wy
Northern Blvd & Loma Colorado Blvd 
Northern Blvd & Lowe's Driveway
5th St & 10th Ave 
N.M. 528 & Southern Blvd
N.M. 528 & Sara Rd
Sara Rd & Meadowlark Ln
King Blvd & 10th St
King Blvd & Wilpett Dr
Southern Blvd & Premiere Pkwy 
Unser Blvd & Zaragosa Rd 
Country Club Dr & Oakmount Rd 
Southern Blvd & Tarpon Ave 
Southern Blvd & Lisbon Ave 
Unser Blvd & Wellspring Ave 
Broadmoor Blvd & High Resort Blvd 
Enchanted Hills Blvd & Lincoln Ave
Unser Blvd & Wexford Rd 
Unser Blvd & Westside Blvd
Golf Course Rd & 19th Ave 
Ridgecrest Dr & Saddlewood Rd
High Resort Blvd & Double Diamond Dr

30th Street/Broadmoor Boulevard (related to paving this corridor)

Design and right-of-way acquisition for Idalia Road reconstruction and widening

Idalia Road design (related to reconstruction of intersection of Idalia Road and Chayote Road)

Corridor study for Southern Boulevard from N.M. 528 to Rainbow Boulevard (match requirement to receive state grant funding)

Lakeview Drive

Nicklaus Drive (formerly 27th Street)

Enchanted Hills Blvd. and N.M. 528 intersection

Pavement Preservation
Council District 1
Sugar Road from Tulip Road to Lisbon Avenue

Eaton Road from Tulip Road to Lisbon Avenue

Orchid Drive from Idalia Road to Southern Boulevard

Pecos Loop to Rainbow Boulevard

Atlantic Road from Vancouver Road to Southern Boulevard

El Morro Drive from Vancouver Road to Quixote Drive

Ivory Road from Baltic Avenue to Lisbon Avenue

Council District 2
Summer Winds Drive from Spring Drive to (south) Western Hills Drive

Summer Winds Drive from (north) Western Hills Drive to Spring Drive

Ochre Road from Black Hills Road to Western Hills Drive

Suttle Court to Summer Winds Drive

Umber Court to Black Hills Road

Sienna Court to Black Hills Road

Buckboard Road from Chuckwagon Road to Lariat Road

Stagecoach Street from Wagon Train Drive to Western Hills Drive

Stallion Street from Wagon Train Drive to Western Hills Drive

Black Hills Road from Spring Drive to Unser Boulevard

Lariat Road from Western Hills Drive to Nicklaus Drive

Pine Bough Road from Summer Winds Drive to Spring Drive

Council District 3
Storm Mountain Road from Panorama Heights Drive to Pinewood Drive

Panorama Heights Drive from Broadmoor Boulevard to Nicklaus Drive

Seven Falls Drive from Lema Road to Broadmoor Boulevard

Rosswood Drive from Parr Road to Bogie Road

Council District 4
Hermit Falls Drive to Superstition Drive

Saratoga Drive from Northern Boulevard to Rockaway Boulevard

Sundt Road from Tigris Road to Pat D'Arco Highway (NM 528)

Broadmoor Boulevard from Northern Boulevard to Loma Colorado Boulevard

Council District 5
Rincon de Romos Drive from Leon Grande Avenue to Antigua Road

Rincon de Romos Drive from Sabana Grande Avenue to Leon Grande Avenue

La Pinta Court to El Granado Court

El Granado Court to Palmas Altas Drive

Oakmount Drive from Eastlake Drive to Country Club Drive

American Road

Council District 6
Canvasback Road from Sandia Vista Street to Corrales Road

Red River Road from Clearwater Loop to Riverside Drive

Spruce Mountain Loop to Willow Creek Road  

Sunlight Peak Drive from Willow Creek Road to Spruce Mountain Loop

Grande Vista Road from Pat D'Arco Highway (N.M. 528) to Corrales Road

Enchanted Hills Boulevard from Torino Hills Road to Pat D'Arco Highway (N.M. 528)

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