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Roads, Drainage, & Traffic Standard Details
Listed below are all of the Standard Drawings used for roads, drainage, and traffic for all Projects in the City. Please use the Comment Form to bring to our attention any incorrect data or missing information.

Cover Pages:

 Description Document
Cover Page Cover Page PDF
Table of Contents Table of Contents PDF

Road Standards:

 Description Document
Buffer, Median, and Right-of-Way Slopes
Buffer, Median, and Right-of-Way Slopes Detail BF-01 PDF
Curb and Gutter
Curb and Gutter CG-01 PDF
Pinned Curb CG-02 PDF
Valley Gutter at Intersection VG-01 PDF
Valley Gutter at Corner Cul de Sac VG-02 PDF
Driveway Details
Sidewalk and Driveway Transition (Residential) DW-01 PDF
Sidewalk and Driveway Transition (Collector) DW-02 PDF
Driveway at Existing Mountable Curb DW-03 PDF
Driveway at Culvert Detail DW-04 PDF
Sidewalk Details
Sidewalk Culvert SW-01 PDF
Pavement Details
Pavement Sections PS-01 PDF
Pavement Cut for Utility Excavation PS-02 PDF
Street Sections 
Typical Street Section - Local Street TS-01 PDF
Typical Street Section - Collector Street TS-02 PDF
Typical Street Section - Business Collector TS-03 PDF
Typical Street Section - Minor Arterial Street TS-04 PDF
Typical Street Section - Principal Arterial (4 Lane) TS-05 PDF
Typical Street Section - Principal Arterial (6 Lane) TS-06 PDF
Pedestrian Access (NMDOT Details for ADA Compliant Pedestrian Access)
Typical Curb Ramp Locations PAD-001 PDF
Typical Curb Ramps - General Notes PAD-002 PDF
Curb Ramp Details Type A and Type B PAD-003 PDF
Curb Ramp Details Type C and Type D PAD-004 PDF
Curb Ramp Details Type E and Type F PAD-005 PDF
Median Cut and Pedestrian Island Details PAD-006 PDF
Typical Driveway/Drivepad Aprons PAD-007 PDF
Stairway and Handrail Requirements PAD-008 PDF
Parking, Passenger Loading, Bus Stop and Ramps PAD-009 PDF
Detectable Warning Surface PAD-010 PDF
Utility Crossing Schedule UC-01 PDF

Drainage Standards:

 Description Document
CMU Wall Detail WL-01 PDF
Typical Water Quality Manhole Requirements DR-01 PDF
Typical Post and Wire for Fence Around Ponds DR-02 PDF

Traffic Standards:

Description  Document
Typical Barricade Road Closed TCSS-01 PDF
Typical Barricade Right and Left Arrow TCSS-02 PDF
Typical Barricade Right Arrow TCSS-03 PDF
Typical Barricade Left Arrow TCSS-04 PDF
Rumble Bar Installation and Detail TCSS-05 PDF
Type I Pole and Signal Mounting Details Interim 2010 080210 TSSL-01 PDF
Traffic Signal Mast Arm Type II and Type III and Foundation Details 2011 TSSL-02 PDF

Standard Sheet Borders:

Description  Document
Cover Sheet (CS) CS PDF     CS DWG
Standard General Notes (SGN) GN PDF     GN DWG
Standard Abbreviations (SA) SA PDF     SA DWG
Plan Sheet (PS) PS PDF     PS DWG
Plan and Profile Sheet (PPS) PPS PDF     PPS DWG
Standard Plan Set Sheet Order (SO) SO PDF

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    Road Sweeping   Domestic Well Program
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Land Coordinator   Water Assistance Program    
Property Acquisition Process   Water, Wastwater, and Recycled Water Rates    

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