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Water Resource Management Plan
The City applied for and received a grant from the U. S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBOR) in the amount of $21,554 to review and update the Water Resource Management Plan (WRMP).  The WRMP is used as the program and planning guide for water conservation and water resources and it is also used for short and long-term water and infrastructure planning.  The Utilities Commission reviewed the report at the June 17, 2014 meeting and voted to approve the update.  The Governing Body approved it on September 10, 2014.

The focus of the update and revisions was on the original implementation plan with subtractions, additions, and reprioritization.  Several planning and brainstorming meetings were held with City staff and Utilities Commissioners from the Environmental Programs and Water Resources Standing Committees to discuss water conservation and water resources for the City.  The ideas and concepts from these meetings were taken to a public meeting that was held in December 2013.  The public was asked to make suggestions and recommendations to the report that may have been missed by the City staff.  At the meeting, the public was also asked to rate the implementation policies from most important to lesser importance.  These recommendations and implementation policy ratings were incorporated into the updated WRMP.

Acceptance of the updated WRMP also has advantages for the City.  The State Water Trust Board considers funding to projects if the projects are conducive to supporting implementation of the plan.  Additional federal funding sources that require a water conservation plan can be applied to by the City.  

The services of Daniel B. Stephens and Associates were procured to assist with the meetings, both staff and public, and to write the updated WRMP.

2014 WRMP (PDF)

2004 WRMP (MS Word)

2004 WRMP (PDF)

2004 Implementation Plan Cover (PDF)

2004 Implementation Plan (Excel)

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