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Notice for Electrical Contractors

The Construction Industries Commission has adopted the 2014 New Mexico Electrical Code (NMEC) and the 2012 New Mexico Electrical Safety Code (NMESC) as they will appear in July 2014 on the State's Web site.

The 2014 NMEC adopts the 2014 NEC by reference and the 2012 NMESC adopts the 2012 NESC by reference.

Please note the effective date of August 1, 2014 for both codes.

Any and all permits applied for on August 1, 2014 will be required to meet the 2014 NEC and the NMAC amendments. Please visit the New Mexico CID Web site for a copy of the amendments.

If you have any questions, please contact Rio Rancho Chief Building Official Michael Savage  at (505) 896-8739.