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SAD Steps
Resolution 1
Need stated for SAD and city staff directed to confirm proposed SAD boundaries, prepare preliminary plans, costs estimates, engineer's report, and assessment plats.

Resolution 2
A 30-day period for written protests or support and the time and place for a Benefit Hearing is established and set. Notices are required to be sent to property owners. At the Benefit Hearing conducted by the Governing Body, comments and protests regarding the district and estimated benefit are heard.

Resolution 3
The SAD is created and city staff are directed to obtain competitive bids from qualified contractors for construction of improvements in the SAD.

Resolution 4
Establishes the time and place of the Assessment Hearing. Property owners included in the SAD receive notice of meeting. Meeting notice would include information regarding the financing (length of payment period and interest rate). At Assessment Hearing, those included in the proposed SAD are able to express support, concerns or ask questions related to the assessment costs.

If the Assessment Hearing is scheduled in conjunction with a regularly scheduled Governing Body meeting, the adoption of the assessment and bond ordinances would be considered by the Governing Body. The Assessment Ordinance would describe payment of a claim of lien; and provides for a penalty for delinquent payments. The Bond Ordinance would describe the structure of the bond sales.

If approved by vote of the Governing Body, the SAD would be confirmed and the assessments that property owners would pay would be established. Notice of assessment for each property and payment would be mailed by the city to property owners. This mailing would include a description of the cash-pay period (payments without interest prior to the start of construction).

Resolution 5
Adoption by the Governing Body confirms and approves the assessments and initiates the 30-day cash-pay period.

Following the adoption of assessing and bond ordinances by the Governing Body and the completion of the bond sale, notice to proceed with construction of improvements would be given to the awarded contractor for SAD improvements.