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Utilities Commission
Meetings take place on the third Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m.

Council Chambers, Rio Rancho City Hall, 3200 Civic Center Circle

View meeting agendas, minutes and video..

District 1 - Bruce Redd
District 2 - Bill White
District 3 - Lee Robinson
District 4 - Stephan vanHorn
District 5 - Robert Bajek
District 6 - Moses Winston
At-Large – Rebecca Torres

The Commission’s duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

(1) To develop and recommend to the Governing Body policies in all matters related to the operations and management of the city’s water and wastewater utilities;

(2) To develop and to recommend to the Governing Body fees, rules, and regulations regarding providing utility service and construction policies;

(3) To recommend to the Governing Body the approval or disapproval of the Department of Utilities’ proposed annual operating and capital improvement budgets; rates and charges for utility services; financing options, including bond issues and other debt instruments; five year capital improvement program; and initiation of eminent domain or other legal proceedings with the advice of the City Attorney.

(4) To recommend to the City Administrator the approval or disapproval of contracts for goods or services incident to the operations of the water and wastewater utilities, if such expenditures are within the approved operating budget;

(5) To recommend to the City Administrator appropriate action regarding water rights, including acquisition, sale and proceedings before the State Engineer and to recommend approval or disapproval of construction plans, maintenance plans, staffing levels and salary plans and related analyses developed by or on behalf of the city;

(6) To hold public hearings and receive public input on proposed rates and charges, service rules and regulations, operating and capital budgets, capital improvement plans, and other issues as deemed appropriate by the Commission;

(7) To provide an annual report to the Governing Body that evaluates the past year’s performance of the city’s water and wastewater utilities and adopts a statement of goals and objectives for the coming year;

(8) To perform such other duties and functions and have such other powers as may be authorized by the governing body or provided by city ordinance that are consistent with the provisions of the City Charter.

One Utilities Commission member shall be appointed from each of the six City Council districts and each member shall reside in their respective district during their term. One member shall be a resident of the city, appointed at-large. City employees and employees of any contract operator are not eligible to serve on the Commission.

All members of the Commission shall be recommended for selection by a selection committee based upon their qualifications, knowledge and experience related to the operation of water and wastewater facilities and the effect of such on the community.

The Mayor shall make appointments subject to confirmation by the City Council.

The term of service for members of this Commission shall be staggered for overlapping terms of four years.

All members shall receive the sum of $50 for attendance at the regularly scheduled meeting. However, members shall only be paid for attending one meeting each month. Members shall, in addition, be entitled to mileage, per diem and reimbursement for other expenses associated with serving on the Commission.

Download an application for appointment or re-appointment (Excel / PDF) to a Board/Commission/Committee. Complete the application online.  For more information please contact the City Clerk.